Returns & Exchanges:
See how to request the application for evaluation of alleged manufacturing faults

Return of Merchandise:
- The merchandise must be sent to the address of origin, being previously communicated through our email
- Return the product in its original packaging (if possible).
- The client should send a brief written report about the alleged defect to which the complaint refers.

Product defect analysis:
-Default assessment will be performed by our suppliers and then the final award request will be completed.
- Average completion time: 5 business days after receipt of the product.

Award Favorable to exchange:
- The customer will receive at the origin address, without additional costs, the replacement of the product with another of the same model.
- In the absence of the same model in stock, the customer will be notified and may choose another model to exchange between the options available on the site, respecting the credit limit.
- If there is a price difference between the chosen product and the claimed product, payment of the difference must be arranged.

Report Contrary to exchange:
The product will be returned without replacement.

Failure Items:
- Evidence of inappropriate use of the product.
- Evidence of accidental damage.
- Natural wear due to use.
- Improper cleaning of the product.