Below we will list some care that should be taken with #theinverse products in order to maintain durability and quality.

Try not to wash dishes, shower, sea or swimming pool while using your parts (water and moisture can make your piece lose color).Like water, products that contain solvents, detergents or alcohol such as perfumes, creams and soaps can have a corrosive effect on the metal bath of your jewelry. Avoid contact with them!

When exercising or sunbathing, remove your costume jewelry. Sweat contains uric acid, which causes oxidation of the metal. Constant exposure to sunlight and heat can cause your costume jewelry to lose its color. Store it in a cool, airy environment, always in the shade.

The friction of one piece with the other can cause scratches and scuffs, so we recommend that each piece be stored individually.

Oxidized parts can also transmit oxidation to other parts that are close or in contact.

Do not use products such as toothpaste, soap or silver cleaning solutions to clean your jewelry. The ideal is to use only a dry flannel.

In case of redness, itching or any type of skin irritation in the area that is in contact with the jewelry, remove it and stop using it until consulting a dermatologist.

Remember that some products are handcrafted.

Handle with care and care!